Employee Newsletter - March 2018

Back In Time: Jakstys an
1860s Ball Player

Alex Jakstys spends his spring and summer weekends on the diamond … with a twist. He follows rules from the 1860s.

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Two Mikes and a Mark

Mike Palazzola, Mark LaClair and Mike Dawson

What Are Your Eyes Worth?

Do you have safety glasses at home?

Do you wear them when you are cutting wood, mowing the lawn, or changing the oil in your car?

If not … why?

Thousands of eye injuries happen at home every year many of which result in partial or complete blindness. Proper eye protection would prevent well over 90 percent of these injuries.

Because there are usually good eye safety regulations in the workplace, the home is the source of the fastest-growing number of eye injuries.

Eye injuries are a danger to bystanders as well as the people using dangerous tools or chemicals in the home. Good eye protection is just as important for those watching you work.

Teach your children or grandchildren good habits as they watch you work and, more importantly, back that up with good work practices yourself.

Eye protection can be purchased at just about any store that sells construction materials.  A comfortable pair of safety glasses generally costs less than $7. Why are we willing to spend $70 on a pair of boots for feet protection but won’t spend $7 to protect our eyes?

If you are reading this then you know that eyesight is priceless and eye protection is cheap.

– Two Mikes and a Mark is a series of articles related to safety from Assistant Vice President of Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Mark LaClair, Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Director Mike Palazzola and Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Manager Mike Dawson.

Let’s End Distracted Driving

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Mitchel Kiefer would have turned 20 years old.

Instead, his life was tragically cut short in 2016 when he was killed in an auto accident caused by a distracted driver.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – a time to make changes and talk to friends and family about an issue that is 100 percent preventable.

On Mitchel’s 20th birthday, actor Mark Wahlberg shared a special message imploring all of us to make a difference, put the phones down and #justdrive.

Fun Events

The Walbridge Southeast team recently enjoyed an evening and took Fessler & Bowman, Inc. to Top Golf to show appreciation for the work they do with us.
It was a fun day for a great cause for Russ Lane, Lia Lane, Georgia Rygiel, Frank Rygiel, who all supported the Charity Polo Classic in Tampa, Florida. The event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to local charities.

Take a Look at 28Grand

With 218 micro-lofts, each with an average of 260 square feet, enjoy the views of 28Grand in Detroit.

Learn a little more about the project, which opened in 2017 to residents.

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