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A Time to ‘Give Thanks For the Men and Women Who Paid the Ultimate Price’

Memorial Day is a day to take a step back and think about the sacrifices made for our country and our freedom.

“We owe them a tremendous debt that can never be fully repaid, but every day that we conduct our lives with honor, integrity, kindness, and inclusion is another installment on the payment we received from them.”

Learn what Memorial Day means to several Walbridge veterans.

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Mike Palazzola, Mark LaClair and Mike Dawson

Two Mikes and a Mark

When Do You Think About Household Safety?

It’s no surprise that when you are on a Walbridge project, safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

So why when you are home working in your garage or yard does it change?  Be honest with yourself.

Don’t worry, we can be guilty at times too.

Do you wear safety glasses while mowing your yard or building that deck?  Do you think about fall protection when you go on your roof?  You always grab those gloves before trimming your trees … right?

If not, WHY NOT?

Your safety at home is just as important to us as your safety on the job.  Take the same precautions at home as you do on the job.

There may not be a safety person watching you, but there may be the eyes of others.

Setting a good example normalizes these practices and may change their habits too.

– Two Mikes and a Mark is a series of articles related to safety from Assistant Vice President of Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Mark LaClair, Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Director Mike Palazzola and Corporate Health, Safety, & Environmental Manager Mike Dawson.

The team in Tampa has a beautiful new space in the heart of downtown.

Take a first look at the new offices for the Florida group.

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Walbridge Welcomes Summer Interns


Summer interns enjoyed a day at the ballpark during their first week at Walbridge, where they met one another, met their teams and were trained.

A total of 19 interns will be on job sites throughout the country – Good luck and learn a lot this summer!