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Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Why choose Walbridge?

We innovate and use proven processes to deliver exceptional, tangible benefits to customers. If we fail to do so, it’s a wasted effort.

That’s how we think and that’s the value proposition we offer. We consider ourselves to be partners in our customers’ success. The key benefits we promise to deliver time and again to our client-partners are these:

On-Time Delivery: This is especially critical to customers in the education and manufacturing markets. Colleges and universities can’t delay the start of class and must open their doors on time. Manufacturers count on us to have everything in tip-top shape on a specified date so they can produce products and generate revenue.

Our dedication to proven processes, technology-driven scheduling tools and project controls help keep Walbridge on time, all the time.

Quality: The facilities we construct are a reflection of our clients. We make sure the buildings and systems we set into place are of the highest quality. Our lean construction practices save time and money, and help us consistently deliver exceptional quality.

Relevant Experience: Walbridge is one of America’s leading construction companies and our verified experience crosses multiple markets and sectors. Our people stick around, too. Many have worked for us for 35 years or more and some of their kids and grandkids now work at Walbridge.

Learn more about our experience in:

Risk Management: Customers often entrust us with the biggest expenditure they’ll ever make. That’s a lot of pressure on them. And on us. We don’t let them down because we focus on identifying and resolving elements that create risk. That includes: close scrutiny of complex, modern designs to ensure constructability; taking partially completed plans and moving forward, making sure no corners are cut despite fast-track construction schedules; ensuring subcontractors can perform as expected; and eliminating any communication breakdowns, both upward to the owner and back down to our construction partners.

Safety: Any work site fatality or serious injury is an unmitigated failure in our book. But words don’t keep people safe. What it takes is a commitment and continuous effort to keep safety top-of-mind. It starts with us. Click to find out more »

Small Business: Walbridge actively works to identify, mentor and support small-business partners on projects throughout America. We provide guidance and endorse them so they can grow with us, then they pass knowledge and opportunities along to other minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Click to find out more »

Sustainability: We care about the materials that go into a facility and its overall, long-term lifecycle cost, but we also strive to minimize the impact of construction on the environment. Walbridge utilizes its own proprietary Intelligent Sustainability and Environmental program (GreenWISE) to minimize construction impact and promote conservation. We’re also active in LEED® accreditation and helping clients achieve LEED® certification. Click to find out more »

Within Budget: Through our highly detailed value analysis and value engineering efforts, we stay within budget and, in many cases, identify and offer cost saving ideas that can save millions of dollars. Since 2008, Walbridge has proposed nearly $670 million in cost-cutting recommendations to project owners. That’s money that can be re-directed to enhance other facets of a project or returned to the organization.