Proven Pre-construction Processes Save Time, Money

Before the first shovel hits the ground, owners, builders and designers need one thing – a well-conceived and thoroughly reviewed plan.

Strong pre-construction experience makes a big difference. With it, you can identify and solve a problem before the project begins rather than deal with it at the peak of construction activity. design, budget and schedule.

From complex greenfield industrial projects to a facility renovation, pre-construction is imperative to reduce risk, identify and resolve issues, and account for costs.

Benefits from an experienced constructor are immense as Walbridge brings:

  • Strong Leadership
  • Open Communication
  • Information Sharing
  • Innovative Construction Technology Services

Project Feasibility & Planning

No two new buildings are alike and thorough understanding of every detail is critical. Identifying key facility drivers to determine the feasibility of goals and objectives is just the beginning. Then comes the planning. From surveying to scheduling, using proven methodology to develop solid programs is important in preparing for a project.


Great design is exciting and transformational. We believe execution and bringing the intent of the design to physical fruition is just as important. And when we save you money while delivering the result you envisioned, it’s a beautiful thing.

Walbridge incorporates Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) to things like material selection and helps determine the most-suitable construction delivery methods that will save time, money and build the best building.

Estimating / Scheduling / Contract

Walbridge also works on taking the a schedule for construction and optimizing it As the project moves toward the end of pre-construction, seamless integration with procurement takes place. You can count on Walbridge to secure the services of top-notch, safety conscious, prequalified subcontractors.