Using Technology to Improve Every Process

Our utilization of technology allows greater integration, and delivers powerful cost savings and efficiency benefits for construction customers.

With data capture, modeling and technology integration, tech savvy practitioners are changing the face of construction. The benefits can begin the minute pre-construction starts.

Through its in-house construction technology services unit, Walbridge leverages information to model an entire facility or sections of it, and uses the data to address concerns or recommend vast improvements.

Use of technology is beneficial not only for new builds, but also for anything from commercial renovations to wastewater facility upgrades. It’s becoming imperative to gather information and use it throughout the construction process for one reason: It works.

Seeing Work Before It Happens

The ability to see a working facility on the screen in front of you before a shovel hits the dirt is valuable. You can verify intricate segments of a project and confirm that you’re happy with the entire process. The Walbridge Technology team breaks it down, pointing out concerns, running through the options and eliminating potential hazards.

Technology keeps us on the same page with our customers, designers, engineers and subcontractors.

Building information modeling and smart modeling both bring a project to life, ensuring educated decisions are made about the construction process. Even post-completion management and maintenance of the building can be pre-visualized.