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Chrysler Corporation, Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel

Owner: Chrysler Corporation  |  Size: 55,000 square feet

Chrysler Corporation, Chrysler Technology Center

Owner: Chrysler Corporation  |  Size: 3.5 million square feet

Ford Motor Company, Research and Engineering Center

Owner: Ford Motor Company  |  Size: 2.75 million square feet

General Motors Corporation, North Lab Expansion

Owner: General Motors Corporation  |  Size: 135,000 square feet

General Motors Corporation, Vehicle Performance Integration Center

Owner: General Motors Corporation  |  Size: 393,000 square feet

Honda of America, Manufacturing Expansion Project

Owner: Honda of America Manufacturing  |  Size: 300,000 square feet

Nissan Research & Development, Inc., Test Cell Addition

Owner: Nissan Research & Development, Inc.  |  Size: 5,000 square feet

Nissan Research and Development, Inc., R&D Prototype Parts Assembly Building

Owner: Nissan Research and Development, Inc.  |  Size: 100,000 square feet