Technology, Innovation and Diversity: Walbridge’s Built For Opportunity Event a ‘Huge Success’

With Augmented Reality glasses on, John Williams II saw glimpse into the future of construction.

John Williams II at the Autodesk space during the 2018 Walbridge Built for Opportunity Event

First, alongside Autodesk representatives, he could see his surroundings at Ford Field but also a Building Information Modeling (BIM) plan – giving detailed schematics that could benefit project teams on the ground during complex projects.

Later, he was able to pinpoint information and details all the way down to the stats of famous Detroit Lions in framed photos surrounding him. Augmented Reality company Brightly was among the 60 exhibitors at Walbridge’s Built For Opportunity Event, held for the second year at Ford Field.

Brightly showcased the glasses with the ability to give construction project teams real-time on-the-field information, schedule updates and more.

“The tech exhibits were a highlight of the night and it made myself and other guests aware of the future of the construction industry and Walbridge’s commitment to innovation,” said Williams, a Procurement Specialist at Walbridge.

With 130 companies represented, Walbridge’s Built For Opportunity Event gave attendees not only a chance to network and showcase their company, but also a glance at technology that is disrupting the construction industry as well.

Companies like Atlas RFID, PlanGrid, Autodesk, Assemble, Reconstruct and Triax were among 60 exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest in software, hardware, scanning, RFID and augmented reality.

“These companies showcased not only the current state of innovation within the construction industry but also a look at where we are headed,” John Jurewicz, Walbridge Leader of Technology Innovation. “It’s no secret that this industry is changing, so being able to introduce all of our employees, vendors, clients and partners to this was an exceptional chance to spark a conversation on this topic.”

Walbridge employees, clients and vendors walked the room, talking with a variety of exhibitors about services they offered and making lasting relationships that improve business.

“The event was a huge success for me and my company,” one company representative said. “I really appreciate the opportunity to network with Walbridge representatives as well as others within the industry.”

And that’s the goal: To find mutual success within the industry, Scott Penrod, Walbridge Group Vice President.

“When we succeed, it’s based on teamwork, setting goals and innovative solutions,” he said. “It’s thrilling to see so many companies we work with not only compelled by that, but actively embracing those ideas every day.”

Collaboration and innovation couples well with Walbridge’s commitment to supplier diversity. Walbridge has long been an innovator and leader in the realm of working with minority-owned businesses and Jackie Jackson, Walbridge’s Executive Director of Supplier Diversity, said this event combines all the elements of that success.

“We know that a diverse supplier base improves our projects and provides new ideas on the field,” she said. “We had a number of diverse companies represented, giving them an opportunity to build lasting relationships with us and other suppliers.”