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Tech Tool Box

Tech Tool Box


Walbridge offers subcontractors innovative project management tools and provides training in their application.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our experience delivering BIM services provides a competitive advantage that you can bring to your projects. As one of the first construction firms in the United States to implement BIM, we have the unique in-house resources and experience to assist you on your next BIM project.

Project Management Controls Systems (PMCS)

At Walbridge, we’ve invested more than 90 years into customizing the best project management and control procedures in the construction industry.

Project Management Web Site

In the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of construction, real-time, accurate information can be critical to decision making. Based on this principle, we piloted and instituted a project management Web site to coordinate project information. The system pulls information from our databases, and it provides real-time, accurate project information on everything from outstanding RFIs, to submittal package status and drawing package updates – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. We provide training to all team members free of charge and employ full-time project controls personnel to assist in system administration.

PC Tablets and Mobile Devices

Advancements in laptop and mobile hand-held device technology have brought PC tablets and other innovative tools to the forefront of construction technology. With the use of these devices, drawings can be redlined, specifications can be referenced or punch lists can be updated in the field, saving hours in information transfer.

Visual Installation Management

When a facility nears completion, you’ll find the most innovative visual management process for installation, check-out, start-up and turnover in the construction industry. When selected by the owner and project team, this value-add system assures you are present through final stages of start-up. Your work receives final sign-off from customers, resulting in fewer call backs to the site – saving you time and money. The system assures you will know exactly when the job will be complete.