Walbridge 100th


For Subcontractors

How do I get on the Walbridge bidders list?

First, you must complete our Pre-qualification form. We also recommend that you remain proactive by checking our Bid Agenda regularly and contact the appropriate estimator on projects of interest.

Why do I need to fill out a pre-qualification form?

The form provides the necessary information including company type, size and location to help us match your organization to the contracted service or task requirements. Using this information, a determination is made regarding your company’s eligibility to participate in current or future projects.

What is the pre-qualification evaluation process?

Your completed form will be reviewed by our pre-qualification administrator for completeness, honesty and accuracy. It will then be forwarded to the appropriate department head for approval, based on the task or service required.

Who do I contact regarding the status of my completed pre-qualification form?

If you have any questions regarding the pre-qualification form, please call 313-963-8000 and ask for the pre-qualification administrator or you can e-mail prequal@walbridge.com.

Who will have access to my company’s information?

Only applicable Walbridge departments will have access to your basic and confidential information. For instance, only select individuals will have access to financial information.

How do I know what you are bidding on and when you are bidding on it?

Please regularly review our online Bid Agenda.

Who should I contact regarding a bid?

Please see the Bid Agenda. Each project will list contact information for the appropriate estimator.

Do I have to be pre-approved to be able to submit a bid?

No, however it will help Walbridge's estimator in contacting and evaluating you.

Do you require subcontractors to provide a bond?

Not necessarily; it depends on scope of work. We ask that all subcontractors list their bonding rate on their proposals.

Do I need to contact the Walbridge departments and introduce my company?

This is not necessary. Your company will be integrated into our internal database once you have completed a pre-qualification form.

How do I access project documents?

Locate the specific project you are interested in on the Bid Agenda and select the EPR link associated with that project.