University of Michigan East Quad Residence Hall

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
300,000 square feet
Integrated Design Solutions

At 300,000 square feet, it’s been the biggest residence hall renovation for the University of Michigan to date. Spanning two city blocks, East Quadrangle holds 600 rooms and houses more than 850 students on the Ann Arbor, Mich., campus.

Up for the Job

Walbridge took over the whole building and had the job done in 15 months. The team broke ground in May 2012 and reached completion in July the following year.

For the East Quad renovation, Walbridge gutted the lower level and first floor of the 80-year-old building while floors two through four underwent selective demolition. A two-story atrium was added to the north side of the building, allowing for ample natural light on the first two levels. The renovation also included construction of the new East Quad Center, a sunny commons addition for students to gather; as well as a 24-hour wireless café, where students can grab a snack and study at any hour. Two elevators were also added to the building, and another was refurbished.

New and Improved

In addition to student housing, East Quad also provides program space for U-M’s Residential College and Michigan Community Scholars Program. As part of the project, Walbridge brought 15 new classrooms to the first two levels of the building, as well as office space for faculty. Lounges were incorporated on each hall level to promote a sense of community.

One of the most impressive features of the renovated East Quad is its expansive new dining facilities. Laundry facilities, staff break rooms and managerial office spaces were upgraded as well.

More than a mile of underground ductwork was integrated to create more space in East Quad’s lower level. This allowed for higher ceilings and an overall brighter, roomier disposition.