U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fort Sill, Oklahoma
150,000 square feet
Michael Baker Corp.
Date Completed:
August 2010
  • LEED® Silver Certification

Walbridge and design team partner, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. (Baker), provided design-build services for three heavy vehicle Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMFs) complete with equipment, parts storage and administrative offices for the 31st ADA Brigade at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

The small-sized, 18,000 square foot TEMF is used for the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion. The medium-sized, 35,200-square-foot TEMF is utilized by the Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Battalion. The large-sized, 57,031-square-foot TEMF is used by the AMD Composite Battalion.  Each of these three TEMFs included the following:

  • Bench repair space for engine components, electronics, communications, and weapons systems
  • High temperature industrial exhaust systems
  • Reinforced concrete weapons storage vaults
  • Secure document storage vaults
  • Open office space with reconfigurable walls and partitions
  • Conference rooms with audio-visual conferencing capabilities

The civil component of this project included the design and construction of supporting facilities including 869,769 square feet of hardstand, 25 acres of secured organization parking areas, installation of new site utilities, site grading, site lighting, storm water management, site landscaping, and over 5,000 lineal feet of security fencing.