Toyota Technical Center Campus

Toyota Motor Manufacturing
York Township, Michigan
512,000 sq ft
General Contracting

Walbridge built the Toyota Technical Center campus and E3 Commercial Office Building, which received LEED® Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC.)

The facility serves as North American headquarters for Toyota Research & Development and consists of: a) a three-story, 332,000-square-foot E3 Office Building, including a 10,000-square-foot data center in the basement; and b) a 180,000-square-foot Safety Test Facility for crash testing vehicles. It was constructed on a former brownfield site and Walbridge implemented practices during construction to prevent site run-off from affecting adjacent property.

The Toyota Technical Center Safety Test Facility package was a general contract–lump sum project that was released to Walbridge six months after the award of the Office Building project and was constructed just to the north of it. The test facility is connected to the office by an enclosed 225 foot link. The project is 180,000 square foot, single story building utilized for crash testing vehicles.

The Safety Test Facility hosts an anechoic chamber, automotive evaluation labs, safety test labs (crash test), shipping/ receiving, as well as design and administrative offices. All areas have overhead cranes and the Car Prep Areas have numerous above-ground and in-ground vehicle lifts. Special rooms include a 150 HZ Anechoic Chamber for testing of vehicles. The building is set up with high door security door hardware including magnetic locks, card readers and proximity devices. The building HVAC system is specialized for tight temperature tolerances for specialty rooms. The lighting system is also specialized through the Toyota BAS system.

The project also included construction of a small fire pump house building on the east side of the site, and guard houses at each of the two main entrances.