Siemens, Harvest Wind

Roosevelt, Washington
43 wind turbines
General Contracting

Siemens contracted Walbridge as installation contractor to assemble and erect 43 wind turbines at its Harvest Wind Farm in southern Washington. The units consisted of 80-meter tall towers and 93-meter diameter rotors.

Despite adverse weather, geographic and logistical challenges, walbridge.completed the project ahead of schedule and within budget. The scope of work included off-loading, inspecting, power washing, assembling and erecting 43 turbines, each of which generates 2.3 megawatts. In addition, the contract included final mechanical checkout and installation of a climb-assist system.

The turbine installations were split between two sites, located 20 miles apart in a remote location of Washington, with minimal roadway connecting them. Component deliveries had to be scheduled to coincide with shut downs of the main roads for two hours each morning and two hours every afternoon. The team maintained a zero-incident safety record.