Pattern Energy Group, Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm

Pattern Energy Group
Burney, California
44 turbines
Construction Management

Siemens Energy contracted Walbridge Equipment Installation (now Walbridge Industrial Process) to install 44 Siemens 2.3-megawatt, 93-meter wind generator turbines at the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm, which is owned by Pattern Energy Group in Burney, Calif.

Walbridge performed the erection of the turbines and their electrical wiring, final mechanical check-out and installation of a climb-assist system. The team was also responsible for the offloading, inventorying, securing and distributing all attachments and internal components associated with the turbines. The 101.2-megawatt wind farm was expected to produce enough clean, renewable energy to power approximately 10,000 California homes. The potential for harvested renewable power produced at Hatchet could offset more than 134,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually – equivalent to the amount of emissions generated by 21,000 vehicles. Walbridge finished the turbine erection ahead of schedule and within budget.