Nissan Research & Development, Inc., Test Cell Addition

Nissan Research & Development, Inc.
Farmington Hills, Michigan
5,000 square feet
Albert Kahn Associates/Harley Ellis Devereaux

The Nissan Engine Test Cells Addition and Control Room project entailed 5,000 square feet of building renovation and addition to provide space for three new engine test cells. One cell was fully completed with the installation of engine dyno and all related support utilities, and utility infrastructure was put in place for a second cell, while the third was left as cell-ready shell space.

The work also included bridges/runways to each cell, five underground fuel storage tanks, and a delivery system to each cell. Substantial mechanical work included new wet fire protection and CO2 fire suspension. Piping, gas detection sensors, all related electrical components and an intricate monitoring and control system by Johnson Control’s were installed. The building architecture was also revised with blast-resistant walls and ceilings and an explosion-relief exterior wall.