Nissan Research and Development, Inc., R&D Prototype Parts Assembly Building

Nissan Research and Development, Inc.
Farmington Hills, Michigan
100,000 square feet
Ventura and Associates
General Contracting

This project entailed the renovation of a 100,000-square-foot building shell.

The renovated building now houses office space and a research warehouse for R&D use in prototyping new designs. Key spaces include parts storage racks and prototype prep area, a wheel change and brake pit area, and perimeter offices.

Prior to the renovations in 2004, the building was completely gutted of all partitions, the ceiling and concrete floor slab; and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Interior renovation construction consisted of laying new concrete slabs and installing underground plumbing and electrical feeds.

A new electrical system was put in place along with a new HVAC system, which included multiple rooftop units. Finishing aspects of the build-out were office partitions and an epoxy floor finish in the warehouse.