Monsanto Company, Dicamba Warehouse Conversion & Process Installation

Monsanto Company
Muscatine, Iowa
57,000 square feet
Monsanto Global Engineering
General Contractor

Monsanto invested $75m into their existing Muscatine plant, Walbridge’s scope of work included converting the existing warehouse for future packaging equipment lines.

The building footprint is approximately 57,000 square feet in area and the work included site grading, concrete and steel work north of the existing warehouse; demolition, modifications and new install of piping/HVAC, electrical, civil, architectural and steel work within the warehouse. Also, a 2,700 sf truck unloading bay structure, containment dikes and foundation.

The plant production piping was also upgraded which included the installation of 12,000 lf of process piping for the Formulations and GT process lines including all electrical and structural components as well as the setting and insulation of 10 process storage tanks.

Opened in 1961, the Muscatine facility currently employs over 400 full-time workers. The facility encompasses more than 500 acres of land and produces both selective chemistry products and glyphosate herbicide products in Monsanto’s crop protection portfolio. Examples include Warrant, Degree, Harness, WeatherMax and PowerMax.