Beckton Dickinson, New Gelatin Process Plant Upgrades

Beckton Dickinson
Detroit, Michigan
31,700 square feet
SNP Technical Services
Design Build
Self Perform

Beckton Dickinson’s new Gelatin Process Plant Upgrade project was needed to increase production, improve reliability and streamline operations.

In order to meet the future production volumes, Walbridge was hired to install the following additional process equipment:

  • 1 evaporator
  • 2 holding tanks
  • 1 filter press
  • 9 oven dryers including 3 dryer skids

To facilitate the additional process equipment and to optimize the operation, Walbridge installed the following major ancillary components as part of the process equipment upgrades:

  • A self-contained raw meat cooler assembly for raw meat storage
  • Installation of a second cooling tower on the roof
  • Installation of a freight elevator
  • Expand the staging area on the mezzanine level to meet the required staging capacity for the new production levels
  • Install a new air handling unit (AHU) to maintain temperature and pressure at the docks
  • Install a backup emergency generator to maintain product during power failures

Work included Walbridge self-performing concrete, equipment installation and steel erection work.