Innovative Education Facilities

Innovation is taught every day to students – from those in elementary schools to those finishing advanced degrees at higher education institutions.

When selecting a project partner, owners need a construction manager who exudes that same innovative spirit.


Knowing what our clients truly need is imperative to Walbridge. From Day One, we’re actively engaged with the owner, architect, engineer and subcontractors to build a project focused on these key elements:

As a higher education construction expert, Walbridge knows the facility must open on time. Students, faculty, administrative staff and neighbors must be kept out of harm’s way at all times. Innovations, such as extensive use of pre-cast walls and modularizing bathrooms, are new approaches to building that we fully embrace.

We will deliver a facility that will be a center for learning, sharing, creating and living on your campus. A special place for today’s students and students far into the future.