Constructing facilities that build the newest vehicles across the world is a big part of Walbridge’s history.

While technology has changed considerably since our founding in 1916, Walbridge has been with the auto industry every step of the way, as an industrial and manufacturing construction leader.

Respecting the Manufacturing Process

Assembly and manufacturing plant construction can be tough work. That’s why experience is so important. We know that time wasted equals money wasted and our processes have been refined over decades to ensure your facility is up and running as quickly as possible.

Walbridge utilizes some of the very best processes and staffs projects with the most knowledgeable employees in automotive construction.

Experience and innovation were both clearly demonstrated in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Goiania Jeep Assembly Plant – a sprawling, technologically advanced complex that was started in rural Brazil in January 2013 and completed a mere 26 months later.

Awarded Engineering News-Record’s 2015 Global Best Manufacturing Project of the Year Award, Walbridge called on employees in Detroit, Sao Paulo, and Goiana to complete the challenging and unique project.