Tools for Every Project

Since we’re in the construction business, it figures we have a big collection of tools.

They range from a lessons learned database rich with details from past projects all the way to the latest in web-accessible control systems.

Lessons Learned

When operations are spread out geographically and the experience level of personnel ranges from grizzled veteran to rookie, it helps to have a standard resource everyone can tap into. We created a Lessons Learned database with thousands of “do’s” and “don’ts” collected over the years. It’s available to everyone who works for Walbridge, 24/7.

VA / VE Knowledge Base

In the past four years (2013-2016), Walbridge estimated it could offer customers $1.1 billion in cost-saving ideas. After a concerted effort, the company actually offered customers $2.2 billion in potential savings.

VStart / VPunch

Our job isn’t finished until all systems are “go.” We use an effective system for tracking close-out, testing and commissioning of all project equipment. Our visual commissioning program, VStart, manages start up, testing and final acceptance of the building and support systems. VPunch is a disciplined way we plan, implement and visually mange the punch list process.

Project Controls

Walbridge utilizes a proprietary, web-accessible controls system that gives project team members the ability to track and communicate about countless budget items, costs, material deliveries, equipment status, and payments. Delivering on time and within budget are top priorities.