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An experienced craftsman brings the right tools to the job. Walbridge is no different. Our toolbox is brimming with the latest in industry-accepted best practices and technology. We utilize the most advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. We also tap into our vast “Lessons Learned” database to come up with innovative solutions for current challenges. Our Safety program is recognized for excellence both inside and outside of our industry. And our proprietary GreenWISE℠ program sets a new standard for environmental consciousness on the job site.

Virtual Design & Construction

Technology is changing the face of construction. Data, modeling and technology are coming together in ways never before imagined and when assembled with strategic intent are providing considerable cost, efficiency and safety benefits to project teams and owners. Our team of trained, experienced technologists harnesses the power of today’s software and systems to help us plan and build safer and smarter.

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Lean Construction

Walbridge is a Lean construction leader and innovator. We’ve built a Lean culture that affects how we approach quality, cost, safety, communication and schedule. Our people are trained to understand how taking care of equipment, following procedures, and doing things correctly the first time all add up to increased productivity and reduction of waste.

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Lessons Learned Database

We place a lot of value in learning from our mistakes, as well as our successes. We retain that knowledge and put it to good use on current projects. We’ve stockpiled thousands of ideas culled from past experience into a Lessons Learned database; accessible to anyone at Walbridge, at anytime.

Value Analysis / Value Engineering

Good ideas on how to save time, money, and improve a project, are valuable nuggets of information. Walbridge has pioneered a knowledgebase approach to capturing, retaining and sharing cost-saving and project-improvement ideas, enabling every new project team to take full advantage of the information.

VStart and VPunch

Based on our extensive experience with complex commissioning requirements, we know the importance of having an effective system for tracking the close-out, testing and commissioning of all project equipment. Our visual commissioning process, VStart, manages the start-up, testing and final acceptance requirements for the building and process support systems.

Our VPunch process offers a disciplined approach to planning, implementing and visually managing the punch list process.

Project Controls

On any given project, there are thousands of items to track: budgets, bids, costs, materials, equipment and payments. Walbridge has developed, tested and perfected a proprietary, web-accessible controls system that gives team members the capability to monitor and collaborate on critical items during all phases of design and construction.


Protecting and preserving the communities in which we build was the impetus behind the development of our GreenWISE℠ (Walbridge Intelligent Sustainability and Environmental) Program. GreenWISE supports our company’s core values and provides sustainable solutions to the issue of construction impact on the environment.

Backed by the knowledge and experience of 70 LEED® professionals, GreenWISE empowers Walbridge employees with standards and alternatives to implement in the use and handling of energy, waste and water at our construction sites.

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A huddle during a football game gives the offensive and defensive units the chance to get ready for the next play. Sounds like a good idea to us. That’s why our trades people and supervisors huddle up three times each day to identify potential hazards and discuss solutions. It’s one of many standard procedures built into our award-winning safety program.

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