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Walbridge Technologies Technology is changing the face of construction. Data, modeling and technology are coming together in ways never before imagined and when assembled with strategic intent are providing considerable cost, efficiency and safety benefits to project teams and owners. Our team of trained, experienced technologists harnesses the power of today’s software and systems to help us plan and build safer and smarter. Here’s how.


We can develop tailored building information modeling (BIM) execution plans for any project, as well as written guidelines and standards to be followed by anyone developing BIM related to a project. Starting with 3D modeling, we bring flat, paper-based designs to life and make them relevant to the construction process. As a result, subcontractor coordination is greatly improved. Walbridge also uses it for self-performed, full-scale fabrication of modular bathroom units that are built off-site according to the owner’s exacting specifications and then delivered to the construction site for installation.


With modeling, we detect clashes during the design phase of a project and can resolve issues before they become a problem in the field. We can determine the constructability of a design before we ever break ground. With 4D, design intent models are converted into versions that include construction specific details. New levels of information, such as materials and methodology, are added to show how physical components and planned sequencing affects the project’s timeframe. Better coordination between suppliers, subcontractors and trades improves efficiency. When 5D modeling is used, quantities and sizes are matched with current pricing to yield reliable information on options to consider.


With the considerable investment made in infrastructure and facilities comes the need to fully document and map specifics. Whether it’s inside a massive automotive assembly plant, manufacturing facility, utility complex or college campus, Walbridge uses smart modeling to harness multiple models and show how they all relate to each other. You can use that for master planning or to prepare for your next building phase. There’s a safety benefit: this information can help security teams better coordinate emergency response with municipalities.


In addition to program management, we provide 6D (operations) and 7D (facility management) modeling. Dash-boarding is where we utilize our technology to monitor multiple data resources in order to provide detailed, 360-degree reporting on project progress to team members and owners. Energy modeling allows us to conduct an analysis of very preliminary design concepts to determine how varying building forms may perform. And we’re using laser scanning in large manufacturing facilities to quickly and efficiently record what’s there. We can then use a laser scan or point cloud to model what’s new or what’s going to be improved at a plant. We can use it to influence productivity and to improve safety when modeling shows potential “pinch points” in a line or area of a plant. Video Courtesy of www.hardhathub.com


John Jurewicz is an expert in the use of technology in the construction industry. He is Walbridge’s General Manager of Virtual Design and Construction and leads a staff of technology specialists. He also heads the company’s newest business unit, Walbridge Technologies LLC. Jurewicz utilizes his experience and research capability to create special products and services for clients seeking assistance with digitally mapping underground utilities with smart location devices that integrate modeling with monitoring systems.