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Process Engineering & Construction


Walbridge Process Engineering & Construction (WPE&C) is a full-service EPC firm combining the process engineering capabilities of Process Engineering Associates (PROCESS) with construction expert Walbridge. The unit is based in Greenville, S.C. and has offices in Charlotte, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Philadelphia, and Mobile, Ala.

WPE&C offers fully integrated process engineering, detailed engineering, and construction services to customers in the chemical process industry, as well as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and oil and gas industries. WPE&C has global reach and specializes in providing tailored solutions to process clients looking for a single source partner.

Detailed engineering services are provided through design partners selected to best suit each specific opportunity, based on geography and project needs. This unique approach allows services to be closely tailored to the particular requirements of each assignment, providing the best match of resources to every project.


PROCESS was formed in Oak Ridge, Tenn. in 1996 to provide process design, engineering, and safety services to any and all of the processing industries. Its concept has been to specialize only in process engineering and hire only chemical engineers. PROCESS' personnel are experienced, highly-motivated chemical engineers with track records of significant achievement in the process engineering field.

Walbridge, founded in 1916, has deep bench strength in pre-construction services, virtual design and construction (VDC), estimating, project management and construction. A top industrial and manufacturing constructor, Walbridge is an industry leader in safety and lean construction practices. Its “lessons learned” database is comprised of nearly 4,500 don’t-forget experiences from past projects. In the past five years, Walbridge has offered potential Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) generated savings in excess of $1.35 billion to customers, which reside in a proprietary database to support all projects.



WPE&C is fully equipped to deliver process engineering, detailed engineering and construction services to clients in multiple industries and with specific needs. Examples include:

Alternative Fuels - Waste Plastic Pyrolysis
Batch & Continuous Chemicals - Oilfield Chemicals
Continuous Chemical - Super-Absorbent Plant Scale-Up
Fibers - Fiberglass Production
FDA-Grade Products - Edible Oil Hydrogenation System
Gas-to-Liquids - Municipal Solid Waste to Synfuels
Metals and Specialty Metals Manufacturing - Specialty Metals
Minerals Processing - Rare Earth Elements Recovery
Nuclear Related - Nuclear Power Fuel Production
Petrochemical - Monomer Distillation
Petroleum Refining - Crude Vacuum Distillation
Pharmaceutical - Consumer Health Products
Pipeline Terminal - Anhydrous Ammonia
Polymer / Rubber / Paint / Coatings - Natural Rubber Production Pilot Plant
Power Generation and Fuels - CO2 Capture Pilot-Plant
Semiconductor - Hazardous Gas Filling Plant
Tire Manufacturing and Recycling - Tire Pyrolysis Plant
Upstream Oil and Gas - Natural Gas Condensate Splitter
Waste Treatment - Biological Sludge Treatment
Water Treatment - Design, Pilot Program and Commissioning


Full-Service Turnkey Projects

  • Project Management
  • Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC)
  • Integrated Program Management

Front End Engineering Design

  • Conceptual Process Design (Front End Loading FEL-0, FEL-1)
  • Preliminary and Detailed Process Design (FEL-2, FEL-3)
  • Process Safety Services

Detail Engineering Design

  • Equipment Specifications
  • Piping Details
  • 3D Layout Models
  • Coatings/Insulation Specifications
  • Electrical Design
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems Design
  • Civil, Structural and Architectural Design


  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting

Commissioning and Startup Support

Operational Facility Support

  • Process Simulation and Modeling
  • Process Safety Services
  • Process Evaluation/Optimization/Troubleshooting
  • Relief Systems and Flare Systems Design and Evaluation
  • Environmental Compliance Support



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