Flexibility Benefits Owners

Our flexibility to construct under different delivery models is quite beneficial to project owners. We find the most suitable approach to match the cost and timing expectations of our clients.

“Have a clear mission. It has to be simple, direct and understandable to all.”

Construction Management

More clients are telling us they don’t have the internal resources required to manage large scale construction projects. That’s why they choose Walbridge to provide best-in-class Construction Management (i.e. “CM”) and CM-at-Risk services.

We operate as a team within your team. We manage money as diligently as if it was coming out of our pockets. “Walbridge’s staff worked seamlessly with us,” said a client who hired us as construction manager. “Your staff almost seemed like our employees.”

General Contracting

We’ve performed as a GC for 100 years. We provide accurate and competitive pricing for both competitively bid lump-sum and guaranteed maximum price projects. With our geographic diversity and experience, we can tap into a deep subcontractor base throughout the United States. Our knowledgeable estimating team provides us with the most up-to-date cost and availability data around.


As part of a team, we work closely with A/E firms to create and construct cost-effective projects on time. Our in-house engineers manage the design process and incorporate constructability into the design as it’s being developed. That way waste is eliminated and cost is controlled from the start.


Here, we provide engineering services, procure materials and equipment, and construct. We either self-perform or sub-contract out portions of work. As the single point of contact, we direct and track project progress, safety, installation and commissioning, and we report directly to you. We deliver the highest possible level of productivity and quality.