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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods


Walbridge stands ready to meet a customer’s project delivery needs in multiple ways.

We can manage construction or serve as general contractor and fully utilize our expertise in estimating and leveraging our relationships with top subcontractors. In other cases, we collaborate closely with our A/E partners to create the right design-build solutions. For some customers, we can engineer, procure and construct – the whole nine yards – or, in some cases, 900,000 square feet.

Here’s more about our flexibility to deliver in a way that fits with your requirements.

Construction Management and Construction Management-At-Risk

Walbridge provides best-in-class CM services. More than 30 percent of our work is performed as CM or CM-At-Risk. We operate as an integral part of the team, managing your money as diligently as if it were our own. Getting Walbridge involved early allows our experts to provide the greatest value to the process. We can utilize value analysis and value engineering lessons that were learned on prior projects. With design and constructability reviews, we identify and mitigate issues that pose the greatest risk to a project. Together, we’ll decide which subcontractors to hire and we’ll be there to help you manage the building process. At the appropriate time, we’ll provide a guaranteed maximum price.

Here are examples of our work as construction manager:

University of Michigan North Quad
Embraer Aircraft Production Facility


Collaboration is the key to a successful design-build project. Walbridge works closely with architects, engineers and contractors to create and deliver innovative, cost-effective projects on time. We leverage the collective knowledge and experience of the team from the outset. Walbridge has an in-house engineering staff to manage the design process. Constructability is incorporated into the design as it’s being created, so waste is eliminated and costs are controlled from the start. Our lean techniques are utilized to eliminate remodeling. With Walbridge as your representative, you’ll receive the attention you deserve and the project will reflect the best value – from concept to occupancy.

Twin Creeks Technologies Manufacturing Facility
Ft. Stewart Infantry Brigade Combat Team Complex

Engineer / Procure / Construct

For EPC projects, we’ll provide the engineering, procure materials and equipment, and construct your facility – either by self-performing or subcontracting out portions of work. From concept to construction and commissioning, our teams of experienced professionals can handle the most-complicated projects with skill and precision. Since we’re the single point of contact, we direct and track project progress, safety, installation and commissioning, and we’ll report directly to you in a concise and consistent manner. Walbridge is optimally positioned to execute to the highest levels of productivity and accountability.

Powertrain Transmission Addition Facility

General Contracting

This is a Walbridge core competency. We provide GC services for competitively bid lump-sum and guaranteed maximum price design-build projects. Through the competitive bid process, we review project scope as designed and specified. We work to develop the lowest and most competitive price for construction. One of our greatest strengths is our geographic diversity and experienced subcontractor base. Strong relationships, which have been maintained over the years, ensure we’ll bring the best resources to the project. Our experienced in-house estimators are coupled with data from Walbridge’s one-of-a-kind value engineering knowledge base to ensure an accurate and competitive price for your project.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport