Core Competencies That Serve Customers

When it comes to managing projects and serving as your representative, our core competencies form the foundation on which we construct.

Construction Skills

Here, we’ve developed measures to lean-up construction practices in order to reduce waste and maximize efficiency. We’re a leader in modularization, utilizing our near-century long work in the automotive industry to create our own manufacturing facilities and assembly lines to build modularized bathroom units.

Management Skills

Through years of diligent effort, we have developed and honed exceptional project, time and cost management skills. They are passed on through all levels of our organization; from the most experienced managers to the newest of our new hires. You can have confidence in our ability to keep work on time and on budget.


Even if you heard this before, it bears repeating: We are a process-driven organization. We’ve learned a lot after building for 100 years. Measure twice, cut once. Don’t re-invent the wheel. When you fine-tune a process that works, stick with it.


You can count on us to treat you and everyone on the project team with respect. On good, bad or indifferent days, it’s up to us to remain cool, calm and collected.

Risk Management

A certain level of risk is inherent with every delivery model and project type. We spend a great deal of time working to reduce risk, not just manage it, to the greatest degree possible.


Walbridge was one of the first construction companies in North America to achieve ISO certification. With it, we adhere to international standards that help us reduce errors, minimize waste, and increase productivity.


This is both a core competency and the top core value at Walbridge. There’s no substitute for safe operations. There’s no acceptable excuse for a haphazard approach to safety at any of our sites. We live by this motto and expect anyone working with us to abide by it as well: “If it’s not safe, I won’t do it and I won’t let others do it.”


We have a long-standing commitment to be responsible builders. Our project teams incorporate our GreenWISE SM program on site to reduce the impact of the construction process on the environment.

LEAN Construction Benefits Customers

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