Walbridge has been led during the past century by seven individuals. Each had a desire to succeed and exhibited strengths that propelled them to the top of the organization. Things like toughness, tolerance for risk, resilience, and stepping up when the time came.

They also reminded generations of Walbridge employees not to lose sight of key attributes established by our founders, George Walbridge and Albert Aldinger. These are honesty, integrity, credibility, trust, and a passion for building.

Learn more about the current members of our Board of Directors.

  • John Rakolta, Jr.
    Chairman and CEO, Member, Board of Directors

    John is the seventh individual to lead Walbridge in its 100-year history. As a boy, his grandfather drove John to...

  • Mike Haller, P.E.
    President, Walbridge Group, Member, Board of Directors

    Mike Haller joined Walbridge in 1973 as a co-op intern while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the...

  • John Rakolta III
    EVP and CAO, Member, Board of Directors

    John Rakolta III joined the company in 2007 and is well rounded in the business of construction with experience in...

  • Randy Abdallah
    EVP - Get Work, Member, Board of Directors

    Randy Abdallah’s key responsibility is simply stated – Get Work. He’s in charge of securing approximately $1.5 billion in sales...

  • Tom Dyze
    EVP and Chief Risk Officer, Member, Board of Directors

    A certain level of risk is inherent in any construction project. Minimizing the level of risk is Tom Dyze’s job....

  • Terry Merritt
    Senior Vice President, Member, Board of Directors

    Terry is both a positive influence and role model at Walbridge, and an acknowledged leader among women throughout the Great...