'Built For Good' for 100 years... and for the next 100.

Walbridge is a full-service construction company headquartered in Detroit and has built projects both big and small in geographic locations ranging from Midland, Michigan to Chennai, India.

Our company has managed projects with budgets ranging from a few million dollars to more than $1 billion. Yet, in February 1945 one of our workers made $12.65 worth of fence alterations for a long-standing client, McLouth Steel. That level of service and dedication to clients still means something to us.

We relish the challenge of turning the owner’s vision to physical reality. Regardless of budget or scale, we bring our best game to the project every time. We are a process-driven organization, meaning we repeat procedures that we’ve used time and again because they work. It’s our job to deliver predictable results.

“To succeed in the next century, build, nurture, maintain and value trusting relationships with all of our stakeholders: owners, designers, subcontractors and suppliers. But, more importantly, with each other. When you can blindly trust those around you, it’s a beautiful thing. It allows you to focus completely on the mission, transcend your role and assist others around you in driving toward success.”

We maintain a well-developed and highly utilized bank of “lessons learned” from past projects. Our estimators, designers, engineers and operations personnel draw on them to find the best solutions. Those same lessons help us analyze and engineer approaches that offer significant savings, which can be utilized elsewhere on a project by any owner.

Our commitment to keeping our employees, subcontractors and their employees, our clients and the general public safe each and every day is our organization’s number one core value. Saving money or beating a tight schedule means nothing if someone is ever injured on a job.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining open and clear communication with our customers. When they tell us they want us to find additional savings, we look for ways to smartly bundle the work of trades or procure the same materials across multiple projects to lower cost. That goes for a $1 billion green-field manufacturing complex as well as the $10 million college building remodel.

It makes our day when we hear a customer say: “To win our contract, Walbridge brought a great team and offered a good price.”