Hands-on Experience Through Our Internship Program

Some things can only be learned with hands-on experience.

Walbridge’s internship and cooperative programs offer on-the-job training and mentoring that can be your first step toward a great career. For a detailed position profile and to submit a resume, please click here.

Walbridge interns can work on a wide variety of assignments including in the field on a project, or in our corporate or regional offices. Besides obtaining on-the-job training, Walbridge interns will work hand-in-hand with professionals who have an abundance of experience at a company that values trust, integrity, honesty, character and making a difference.

Fall 2017 Campus Visits

Date Location
9/20/2017 North Carolina State University Engineering Fair
9/21/2017 Northern Michigan University Construction and Technology Career Fair
9/26/2017 University of Detroit Mercy Engineering and Science Career Fair
9/28/2017 Michigan State University Construction Management Career Fair
10/2/2017 Wayne State Engineering Career Fair
10/5/2017 Eastern Michigan University Construction Management Career Fair
10/13/2017 University of Michigan Civil & Environmental Engineering Career Fair
10/19/2017 Lawrence Technological University Career Co-op & Internship Fair
10/24/2017 Clemson University Construction Industry Fair


What Makes Our Internship Special?

During an in-person, two-day orientation at Walbridge headquarters in Detroit, meet with senior executives and managers, get immersed in 100 years of history with our company and become acquainted with our culture, policies and procedures.
This interactive ‘game’ brings light to the entire construction process by illustrating the interdependence of Business Development, Estimating and Operations.
Interactive exercises broaden an intern’s view. Learn about Walbridge cross-functional operations, network and build relationships by meeting with senior staff and subject matter experts.
Our innovation team leads discussions and group activities to help interns critically think about innovation and why it is necessary to Walbridge.
Join our CEO, John Rakolta Jr. for an informal lunch to gain insight on what it takes to be successful at Walbridge and learn about John’s history with the company.
Get introduced to Walbridge’s performance appraisal process. Have the opportunity to provide a self-assessment and gain performance feedback from your supervisor.
Share key takeaways from your intern experience and provide feedback to make our program even stronger.


Past Intern Experiences:

“The people here are fun to be around as well as talented professionals. Lastly, I really took notice of a strong team atmosphere.”

“I have gained knowledge and skills that will guide me for the rest of my career, and I have received insight and advice that will shape the rest of my life.”

“It’s all about pre-planning, anticipating what could go wrong, and having quick solutions for when it does.  There is always a new problem to solve each day that’s different from the last.  It’s exciting and never boring, and I’ve loved working for Walbridge.”


Several of our senior executives and general managers began their careers as interns at Walbridge. For example, Mike Haller is President of Walbridge Group, President of our Industrial business unit, and a member of the Walbridge board of directors. He began his career with the company as an intern from the University of Detroit.

Get your start at Walbridge

Interns contribute a lot to our company. They offer fresh perspectives that we need to hear. A few interns have moved up and reached the highest ranks of leadership in our company.

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